Slender Girl App Reviews

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Ive seen many other games like this one, and the character looks like Bloody Painter x Slenderman x Red Riding Hood

Not what I thought

Yeah I thought it was like slender but girl version not temple run with other creatures and no point. I would say if u want something boring/calming get this if u actually want something fun/scary/interesting DONT GET THIS! Yes its free but a waste of time!


So fun very addicting and hard

Slender to ender

Fun game but the character dies too fast.

Fun and Easy

This is and easy game to pick up and that is why I like it. Sometimes I just need something to clear my mind but do not want to turn to my more complicated games. This can be quite addicting.

Fun game !

Its a good game. Fairly simple. You are just running and you have to jump or slide past obstacles. The fun thing is it gets faster and faster! ***Note to developer*** The blue bird, can you change it to a brighter color or something? Because as you progress and the game gets faster and faster, it becomes harder to see that guy. Otherwise, great game. TONS of fun.

The best game Ive ever played

Love the graphics and sounds plus Im getting really addicted to it.

Slender woman

I love this game


With this game you wont want to put the iPod down

Best game in the world

This is the best u have to be weird if you dont like it but there is one problem that there should be a part when like you try to find her at the end of the game that will be fun


Ive seen better games, the prices are high for the game, but it passes time.


This game was not what I was not that good. Dont get it

To much like other games

I have a game called stupid dumb horse derby race at this is exactly like that game and I dont recommend you get this game because its super crapy


And its just like a another game I know that I like


I find it really dumb, actually pathetic


Fun game easy to learn.


I luv this game so much cuz my sis wuz Scared of slender gurl XD

Love this game

I love this game sooooooo much its soo much fun and its easy


Fun game! I LOVE the music, anyone know where I can find the music?

Awesomee game!

I love this game!! Its fun, and everything fits together. And the music is really awesome too! :D

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