Slender Girl App Reviews

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Fun game !

Its a good game. Fairly simple. You are just running and you have to jump or slide past obstacles. The fun thing is it gets faster and faster! ***Note to developer*** The blue bird, can you change it to a brighter color or something? Because as you progress and the game gets faster and faster, it becomes harder to see that guy. Otherwise, great game. TONS of fun.

Fun and Easy

This is and easy game to pick up and that is why I like it. Sometimes I just need something to clear my mind but do not want to turn to my more complicated games. This can be quite addicting.

Slender to ender

Fun game but the character dies too fast.


So fun very addicting and hard

Not what I thought

Yeah I thought it was like slender but girl version not temple run with other creatures and no point. I would say if u want something boring/calming get this if u actually want something fun/scary/interesting DONT GET THIS! Yes its free but a waste of time!


Ive seen many other games like this one, and the character looks like Bloody Painter x Slenderman x Red Riding Hood


I find it funny that you made her hold down her skirt while she is sliding and I love the music. Its amazing how you can make it look like shes being run over by a spike ball.......the only thing that confuses me is when you die why is she human on the picture? But other than that I love the game! Its fun and hilarious.


Love the game.

Addicting, Fun and Hard <3

I hate when games are easy or even medium. This game is absolutely perfect. Its addicting and whenever Im bored this game really helps!!! :)


I like this app because theres a lot of things you need to find out on your own.


So far so good. Said I would "get a ton of pets if I reviewed." Actually quite fun.

Love it!

I love this game its fun to play but I havent gotten very far in touch so I dont know what lays ahead.?! The problem is she goes to fast theres no way to slow her down! Thats the only thing I dont like about the game so far Im still pretty in hell with it but so far its awesome, thanks for all the free coins are going to give me for this awesome review have a good day! Kerri Voiss


Just thought Id try it out and I love it

Not slenderman related

Though the title is misleading its still a decent run through obstacle game.

Not good. Just for coins!


Slender girl

I love this game but just pointing this out slender girl is really red riding hood


This is a cool game and I plan on keeping this app I love the story and the creator is a genius!!!!

OMG so awesome

This is the best game ever. Id play it all day if I have to. I was swiping up cuz I thought thats how u jump but I read the directions and now Im getting the hang of it. ThAnk u!! Saranghae ❤️


Its pretty awesome it helps you concentrate and you have to beware of things.

Slender Game

Its a pretty fun game! (I dont have much else to say about it, so heres a smiley face to brighten up your day!) ^_^

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